Are you struggling to cope with the emotional turmoil caused by having a toxic mother? Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of pain, self-doubt and unfulfilling relationships? It's time to break free and reclaim your life with the Toxic Mom Recovery Guide: A Survivor's Guide to Dealing With and Healing From Narcissistic or Emotionally Immature Mothers PLUS

The Toxic Mom Recovery Course

This comprehensive guide is specially designed to help you recognize the signs of a toxic mother and provide you with the tools and strategies needed to heal and thrive. While the course includes guided meditations and visualizations that will empower you to heal deeply and move forward.

I understand that dealing with a toxic mom can be an overwhelming and isolating experience, which is why I created this bundle to support you every step of the way.

Inside The Toxic Mom Recovery Bundle you'll discover...

✅ Clarity on what makes your mother toxic and emotionally immature.

✅ How to release the pain and sadness that has been weighing you down.

✅ Uncover powerful methods to heal the wounds inflicted by your toxic mother.

✅ Sometimes, the best choice is to distance yourself from toxic relationships. Discover when and how to go no contact

✅ Embrace a future filled with self-acceptance and joy despite the challenges and create a life that is truly your own.

Normally, the course and digital guide would sell for $117, but right now you get access to

All of this for just $35!

You don't have to do this alone.

Gain access to resources that will help you heal and move past the obstacles that have been blocking your healing.

**The Toxic Mom Recovery Guide is a digital product and will be sent to your email directly after purchase. Since this is also a digital product refunds will not be issued**

Reviews for the Toxic Mom Recovery Guide

"Thank you so much, your book has helped me tremendously. Your book has helped me more than ten years of counseling."


"The guide helped subside my doubts and keep my anxiety quiet while keeping my boundaries up. When dealing with a toxic/immatue/narcissistic mom, it can be easy to contineu to gaslight yourself even after you cut them off and the guide really made me feel validated and seen."


"The Toxic Mom Recovery Guide really resonated with me. The Guide points out behaviors for emotional immaturity and narcissism demonstrated by toxic moms and some of the most common wounds that are caused by these behaviors. Catherine gives some useful tips for recognizing your emotions and how to process them. Most importantly the Guide gives you some useful exercises for healing from the toxic relationship with your mom. The guide was very useful and a good starting point to start dealing with your emotions and your relationship with your

toxic mom."


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